Camera 🎥
Red DSMC2 (Dragon Sensor)

Monitoring 📺
Red EVF (OLED, v1)
Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+
TVLogic VFM-055A

Support 🙌
O'Connor 1030Ds Head
O'Connor 30L Carbon Fiber Legs
Induro 100mm Hi-hat

Shape Telescopic Handgrips, Arri Rosette
Camera Comfort Cushion Shoulder Pad
Simmod S2 Connector for EasyRig
Cinesaddle Marsupial (w/ pouch!)

Power ⚡️
Gold Mount
(6) CoreSWX HCM-9ag, 98Wh
CoreSWX Fleet Q4-AG
CoreSWX Hot-Swap Adapter

Lenses 👁
Angenieux Type EZ Series (PL Mount)
15-40mm T2 / 22-60mm T3 (w/ FF IRO)
30-90mm T2 / 45-135mm T3 (w/ FF IRO)

Contax-Yashica Zeiss (EF Mount, Cine-mod)
28mm f2
35mm f1.4
50mm f1.4

Leica R (EF Mount, Cine-mod)
19mm v2 f2.8
80mm f1.4
100mm f2.8
Filters ◼️
Neutral Density
FireCrest ND .3 - 1.8 (1-6 stops)

RevarCine Rota-Pola

Tiffen Black Satin 1/8
Tiffen Black Satin 1/4 [COMING SOON]
Schneider Hollywood Black Magic 1/8
Schneider Hollywood Black Magic 1/4

Schneider Optical Flat

Lighting 💡
(2) LiteGear LiteMat Spectrum 2L w/ SnapGrid [COMING SOON]
LiteGear LiteMat 1 S2
LiteGear LiteMat+ Plus 2L w/ SnapGrid
LiteGear LiteTile PLUS+ Four Kit, 4x4
LiteGear LiteBox 2x4
Hudson Spider Redback
Hudson Spider 6' Parabolic Stealth Box
Hudson Spider Lantern

The equipment listed above is available to rent as a package or a la carte.
Certificate of Insurance and payment day of pickup necessary for all rentals.

Please contact for additonal details 📩